Learning Whole Number using Ten Frames

The ten frames were introduced today in class and this is the first time I have heard about it and how it have been amazingly used to teach young children about whole numbers.

Benefits that I have learnt using ten frames for children at the stage of learning numbers were;

  1. Concrete – in manipulating one concrete material (the bean) and making ten literally by placing one bean in one frame (one-to-one correspondence)
  2. Visual – children are able to keep track of counting and see that a full ten frame makes 10 and anything less than that is less than 10. Thus cultivating place value (1 in relation to 10).
  3. Arranging and rearranging of the concrete materials will not change the number (quantity) and thus build up children’s number conservation.
  4. As the activity moves on, children can also spot number bonds readily within the ten frames.


Figure 1: Getting children to spot “how many more” to make 10. 



Figure 2: Children can eventually move on to pictorial and making number bonds. 



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