I wondered aloud why Dr. Yeap was not my Math teacher in my younger days. Perhaps then the fear and dread for Math wouldn’t be what it is like today. I memorized formulas after formulas and eventually mixing up them, followed procedures and did a lot of tedious calculation.

Today, I re-learned about fractions and the importance of a right language used. In fraction, naming of it is very important where it is, “how many parts” in a whole (e.g. 2 thirds rather than 2 over/upon three). Children need to understand that the numerator is used to add, subtract, multiply or for division and the denominator is simply a name or noun.

During the lesson, I was able to understand better, “why children cannot count” as they;

1. Do not possess one-to-one correspondence

2. Are unable to recite in correct sequence

3. Cannot classify (e.g. Count the minions but instead count the number of eyes).

4. Does not understand that the last number uttered represent the total in a set.

This immediately made me understand an encounter with a child in class who was not able to tell me the number of Unifix cubes placed in front of her. It is also highly important to place a unit of an item after a number as a number by itself is useless! (e.g. 1 apples, 3 oranges)

Lastly, while trying to develop a concept using the same objects, the key is in variation.


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