Applying the CPA approach

Miss Peggy Foo rounded up this module beautifully with the CPA approach that was repeatedly brought up.  For example, during the Paper Art activity, she introduced to us the “3 What’s”. 1. Basic level: What do you see by using visual to observe and describe.  2. Higher level of inference: What do you think of […]

The double Aces (Art and Angles)

Neither Art nor Angles appeal to me.  However, the walk through the museum had definitely amazed me lots. I was there for a full 1.5hours before rushing back to class. Back in class, I was introduced to a Greg tang math website which demonstrated how to incorporate art with math lesson. Definitely, in line with […]


According to Wikipedia, a geoboard is a mathematical manipulative used to explore basic concepts in plane geometry such as perimeter, area and the characteristics of triangles and other polygons. It is a great concrete and open-ended material that young children below the elementary level to calculate area, can learn about shapes, symmetry, array, counting, patterning, rotation and much more. It made me relate back to the use […]


I wondered aloud why Dr. Yeap was not my Math teacher in my younger days. Perhaps then the fear and dread for Math wouldn’t be what it is like today. I memorized formulas after formulas and eventually mixing up them, followed procedures and did a lot of tedious calculation. Today, I re-learned about fractions and […]

Learning Whole Number using Ten Frames

The ten frames were introduced today in class and this is the first time I have heard about it and how it have been amazingly used to teach young children about whole numbers. Benefits that I have learnt using ten frames for children at the stage of learning numbers were; Concrete – in manipulating one concrete […]

Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract

Dr. Yeap Ban Har explains the principles of the Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach used in Singapore Maths textbooks. This is an excerpt of a Maths No Problem seminar to an audience of teachers in London. The event was held at Ark Schools headquarters in June 2011.